​​Creating unique quality beers...  

    from grain to glass

Over 25 years ago YTB founder Pete Merrigan began his hobby of brewing craft beers from his parent’s basement on Yale Terrace in West Orange, New Jersey.

As this new hobby began he teamed up with his friend and neighbor Tom Brisco as many of their friends and family became the taste testing guinea pigs for all of their new beer creations. Two of their early creations were a porter named Doctor WU’s Maple Porter (named after his cat) and an ale called Fudgie’s Brown Ale.

Taste testing guinea pigs have said that Fudgie’s was a pretty good tasting ale. However, many liked the name more than the beer itself so both of these creations needed to be perfected if this new hobby of brewing was to become something much bigger.

Determined to succeed, Pete continued perfecting his skills in nano beer brewing over the years and then reconnected with Tom in 2005 when they began brewing together again. Rob Jones was added to the mix not only for his love of beer but for his eagerness to learn the brewing process. The final piece was added with the business expertise of another long time friend Vinny Savinelli.

With over 35+ years combined craft brewing experience and numerous successful beers created, Yale Terrace Brewery (YTB) was born. YTB is dedicated to producing fresh, flavorful beers of many varieties using the finest ingredients for the enjoyment of every palate.

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